Blythe Baxter is the cute and very beautiful main character in the series Littlest Pet Shop. In addition to her cuteness and beauty, she has the amazing ability to talk to animals (a la Dr. Doolittle) and she befriends the day camp pets at Littlest Pet Shop. She loves to design clothes and hang out with her friends. Blythe isn't sure how or why she can suddenly talk to animals, but now that she can, she couldn't imagine her life any other way! Blythe's outfit changes in every episode as well as her hair which also changes. Her dad is Roger Baxter and her mom apparently died when she was very young. Blythe is most likely or possibly 13 years old, somewhere in her teens. Her pet friends are Zoe Trent, Pepper Clark, Minka Mark, Penny Ling, Russell Ferguson, Sunil Nevla and Vinnie Terrio. Her human friends are Sue Patterson, Youngmee Song, Jasper Jones and Mrs. Twombly. She has a crush on Josh Sharp. Blythe has a passion for fashion. Blythe is generally friendly but when it comes to the Biskit Twins, she knows how to defend herself. Of all of the pets in every episode Blythe seems to interact with Zoe the most. In A Penny For Your Laughs she was briefly best friends with the Biskits after she stood up to Vi for them causing them to be BFFs.


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