Penny Ling
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Some attributes
First Species:Panda
Second Gender: Female
Third Episode Debut:Blythe's Big Adventure
Other attributes
Fourth Voiced by:Jocelyn Loewen
Fifth As a Toy?:Yes

Penny is a purple panda who appears in LPS. Her special talent is gymnastics and loves ribbon dancing. She is known to be sensitive and her feelings are often hurt.Penny likes to be really nice to her friends she really likes to dance with diffrent kind of color of ribbon.She really is sweet. She is the fourth survivor.


From the Hub's website:

Penny is an adorable panda and the sweetest pet the Littlest Pet Shop has ever seen. Her feelings sometimes get hurt, but she can always make herself feel better with a little rhythmic ribbon dancing."

Penny Ling's Apperance and Outfits

She has purple and white fur with purple eyes. The inside coloring of her ears are pale-lilac. 

In Blythe's fashion show, Penny Ling wears a green kimono with yellow ribbons. Additionally, shehas a yellow flower on her waist matching the one on her coordinating green hat.

When going to the ball, Penny Ling wears a dress that is pink with a sparkly sash cascading from shoulder to waist in a sweeping diagonal.

In Episode 13, she wears an outfit inspired by Indian fashion, which is pink with intricate designs on it. She wears a matching beaded headband and a pair of earings.

In the "Sweet Shop" song, Penny Ling wears a puffy purple wig with some red cherry hair ribbons. She also has macthing earings and a blue dress.

In Episode 19, Penny Ling wears a purple curly wig, gold earings, and orange eyeshadow.


Penny is generally kind-hearted. She is gentle, soft-spoken, and very sweet. She tries to be helpful, but her help sometimes causes unwanted results. She is very sensitive and her feelings can be easily hurt, as shown in "Penny for Your Laughs" when Pepper teased her and made hurtful jokes about her (which resulted in Penny bursting into tears).

Penny's talent lies in gymnastics geared activities, but she is particularly fond of ribbon dancing. She is usually very graceful but can be a bit clumsy, sometimes as a result of others messing her up.

While Penny is sensitive and cutesy, she is also shown to have a bit of a temper. In the event that she is angered, she shows off her massive strength and unstoppable rage. In "Mean Isn't Your Color," Penny held a grudge over a clothing design that she believed that Blythe intended for her to wear and frightened the other pets with her attitude.

Penny Ling is not only very sweet, but she loves sweets also.


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