Pepper Clark
Hi pepper clark by angelilps-d5njsjw
Some attributes
First Species:Skunk
Second Gender: Female
Third Episode Debut:Blythe's Big Adventure
Other attributes
Fourth Voiced by:Tabitha St. Germain
Fifth As a Toy?:Yes

Pepper Mildred Clark is a cute and tomboyishly beautiful gray and white skunk who appears in LPS. Her special talent is making people laugh and is a great comedian. She is known to get carried away when trying to make the fellow pets laugh. She's Zoe's best friend. Pepper has many jokes up her sleeve, and this can cause a bit of...destruction. Despite her cuteness and beauty, she is kind of brash, and is easily offended if the other pets don't laugh at her jokes. A good example of this is when Pepper gets her pistachio pudding shoes in Penny for Your Laughs, but when showing them off and trying to make a scream, Sunil tells her that her pudding gags are old. This causes Pepper to walk off sadly, leaving a trail of odor behind her.Her friends do not care what kind of animal she is they love her the way she really is funny. When Pepper is happy, she lets out a good smell of peppermint. When she is sad, she lets out a bad smell.

Pepper Clark's appearance and outfits

Pepper is a curvy, light gray skunk with gray coloring inside of her ears. Her muzzle, chest, stomach, back, and tail streak are pure white. Her eyes are a pale shade of pink with a slight red hue. Her hair is sometimes a tuft of pale blue-gray bangs in the promotional material.

In Blythe's fashion show she wears a blue sparkly clown suit with a matching hat with a pink flower sticking from it on her suit she has a boot near witch squirts water from it the last thing she wears is a puffy pink clown wig and a red clown nose

For the pet ball Pepper wears a colorful outfit with many pockets sticthed on it her boot near is also attached to this outfit and a pink flower on one ear 

In episode 13 Pepper wears an outfit from india which is green with many designs from india on it she also has a beaded headband and two gold earings

In the sweet shop song Pepper wears a gray and white puffy wig which has some candy hair ribbons and a blue dress

In episode 19 she wears yellow and blue eyeshadow and her bangs are held up high

In Lotsa Luck, Pepper wears 2 purple bow for her hair, purple and pink dress/skirt, and freckles, She had now had a pink headgear, a pink sweater with balloons and lighting bolts, bacon like hairstyle  and scarecrow's hat.


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