Russell Ferguson
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Some attributes
First Species:Hedgehog
Second Gender: Male
Third Episode Debut:Blythe's Big Adventure
Other attributes
Fourth Voiced by:Samuel Vincent
Fifth As a Toy?:Yes

Russell is a cute little orange hedgehog who appears in Littlest Pet Shop. His special talent is being a good organizer and helps his friends stay organized. He is known to be very uptight and stressed out sometimes.He is helpful.


From the Hub's website: Russell is the overly scheduled and incredibly detailed organizer of the group. He keeps everyone on track, making sure the others don't destroy the day camp during their wacky,fantasy adventures. Russell's a hedgehog, and though he's often mistaken for a porcupine, he's happy to point out the difference. Russell was the first one to meet Blythe. He asked her if he could help them save the pet shop.

Physical Appearance

He has orange fur and quills. His eyes are green.

for the ball russell wears colorful balls on his quills

in the sweet shop song russell wears a cute red and white chef outfit with a mathing hat which is filled with candy

in episode 13 he wears a green idian outfit and hat