Vinnie Terrio
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Some attributes
First Species:Gecko
Second Gender: Male
Third Episode Debut:Blythe's Big Adventure
Other attributes
Fourth Voiced by:Kyle Rideout
Fifth As a Toy?:Yes
Sixth Gay?:Yes

Vinnie is a green gecko who appears in LPS. His special talent is dancing and sometimes he needs to work on it. He is known to be not very bright but still lovable and gay.


From the Hub's website: "Vinnie can’t stop his feet from movin' to the beat (of his own drum), leaving the other pets to clean up the mess that his toe-tapping Gecko feet leave behind. They sometimes wish he’d retire his dance shoes.

Physical Apperance

His scales and hair are green. He has purple eyes, and a dark hreen underbelly. He also has freckles over his snout, and hair slicked back. 


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