Zoe Trent
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Some attributes
First Species:Mutt/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Second Gender: Female
Third Episode Debut:Blythe's Big Adventure
Other attributes
Fourth Voiced by:Nicole Oliver
Fifth Family: Gail Trent (Sister)
Sixth As a Toy?: Yes
Zoe Trent is a cute and very pretty Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a talent for singing She loves being the center of attention and being in the spot light, but she's also a diva and can sometimes come off of a drama queen, but she does have a kind heart despite her cuteness and beauty.

Her owners often like to enter her in dog shows, and she has also shown to have a little sister, Gail.

She is voiced by Nicole Oliver, while Kylee Epp does her singing.

Zoe Trent's appearance and outfits

According to the site on the hub, she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She mainly has light purple fur on her body. She has blue eyes with thick black eyelashes, around each eye is a light purple circle, with lighter purple eyelids .The space that isn't covered by the circles and the front of her chest to her stomach, are also lighter purple. The hair on top of her head is dark purple with a pink streak in her bangs that brush across her left eye, her ears are flipped at the end are also dark purple. Her tail is long and curved and light purple, has pointed black nose, just below her mouth, to the left, is a beauty mark. She wears a black beret which is slightly tilted left and a gold collar. She also wears many different outfits and apparel.

In Blythe's fashion show, Zoe wears a dark blue dress. It has blue and white sequines at the bottom, and a light blue belt with a diamond at the middle. The collar of her dress is spiky, much like the bottom of her dress, and light blue. She wears a fuschia undershirt with matching booties, and sunglasses that match her dress's color. To top that all up, Zoe's ears are tied up into a bun, which makes it look like her ears are lifted up and has a bow on it that matches the color of her ears.

For the ball, Zoe wears a fire hydrant hat with gems at the top and a golden chain. She also wears a red dress with bones on it, black boots, a golden bone collar with gems on it, and a golden bone belt.

In the Superstar Life Song, Zoe wears a light blue indian dress, a golden collar and armbands, and a beaded circlet.

In the Sweet Shop Song, Zoe wears a sparkly blue dress, white gloves, and her hair is again straigh and curvy and her ears are curled up into a swirl.

During Russel's Star Trek daydream, Zoe wears a simple blue shirt with black around the color and black shoes on her back paws. Her ears are up high and curled and her hair is curvy, but still straight.

In the song, Humanarian, Zoe wears her hair in a different hairstyle and has on some greenish yellow makeup.


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